9 Avril: Under the Channel, to blue skies!

B-b-b-but it's still chi-chilly.Still, who can resist a walk to the river?... and a look at that beautiful bridge, with the blue cables!Then we had a little more time before check-in, so we headed for a museum... 
via a coffee shop (and WiFi!), to get ourselves on the map and transit system. 
Mmmm, not so simple, alas. But eventually, after some interesting neighborhoods and
direction changes, we got there. As we started to feel the effects of so much travel &c., we called an
Uber - and it was just two miles to our accommodations. Settled in, surprise - I'm hungry!
 Well, what do you know? Gluten free fresh fish & chips - and can't you see what's coming?
Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding!  Well, Bessie, you can keep the pig foot and the bottle of beer,
and Nat, the frim fram sauce is all yours - heaven is at Hobson's and it's gluten free!

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