14 Avril: Tennessee comes to Tennessee... do I hear a waltz?

Tonight I play at Tennessee - Paris, a wonderful live music club!I was there a few years ago, previous owner called it the Tennessee Jazz Bar - and it is still just as sweetGetting ready to play... will they understand what I am saying?Ok, going up now... what shall I sing first?  La Vie en Rose?Oh my, it's a full house, Rachael is soloing on flute... and they're singing along!  Then clapping along, to
Mysterious Moon and Tennessee Waltz!  I am so happy, so lucky!Thank you! Merci Beaucoup ! What a fabulous evening!  The owner comes downstairs,
we have a lovely chat. Everyone is so nice, and it's over already, sigh.I'll be back someday. We'll be back, I know it!

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