Two years ago, I determined to make an all-French CD, "Aimez-vous bien !" - now I need your help!
We're in the home stretch, at MorningStar Studios with Grammy Award-winning engineer Glenn Barratt and eleven of my favorite musicians - including surprise guests!

Please check out the video above, for a taste of the wonderful arrangements we have been creating!
I am deeply grateful to my friends and supporters; I love making beautiful music for you!  I saved and saved for this.  I've bought recording time, musician time, mixing and editing time.  It's 75% done, but I'm running out of money - I need your help to bring it out in April, with all the flowers in bloom!  
Won't you pick a bouquet of lovely flowers to support the project?

I can never be grateful enough about all your support for my music and art.  And I believe you know how hard it is for an artist to fulfill her dreams and inspirations.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
With love, always,