Who Are The Love Police (les Gendarmes d''amour) ?

In the Spring of 2013, Andrea's groups were known as the Andrea Carlson Duo, Andrea Carlson Trio, Andrea Carlson Quartet... until fellow guitarist Jim Cohen took a line from one of her songs, and coined the title Andrea Carlson and the Love Police!

Since then, many fine musicians have "worn the badge" of Love Police Deputy, including:

Aaron Graves

Alex Bryson

Alex Luquet

Alexandre Delcourt

Andrew Sharkey

Art Fischman

Arturo Baquer

Anthony Carlson

Behn Gillece

Bill Nixon

Bob Butryn

Bob Howell

Bruce Malcolm

Campbell Normand

Christopher Davis-Shannon

(Rev) Chris Marsceill

Chuck Staab

Corinne Pellarin

Craig Thomas

Dan Manchester

Dan Blacksberg

Daniel Nissenbaum

Dave Posmontier

David Bopdrummer

David Brodie

David Paller

David Turanski

Diane Monroe

Duncan Hemstock

Dustin Hill

Dylan Taylor

Ed Wise

Eleazar Ruiz Spreafico

Erin Fisher Wright

Gary Lader

Greg Wilson

Jacques Pellarin

Jake L'Armand

Jarred Antonacci

Jay Kilbride

Jerry Forde

Jim Smith

Johnny Peppers

Jordan Berger

Josh Machiz

Katie Ernst

Ken Ulansey

Kevin Dorrian

Kevin MacConnell

Larry McKenna

Louis Pettinelli

Mac Given

Marc Kaplan

Mark Hale

Matt Scarano

Michael Gilbert Ronstadt

Michael Green

Mike Frank

Mike Seifried

Nick Gould

Paul Butler

Paul English

Phil Orr

Piotr Jordan

Rachael Simon

Rev. Chris Marsceill

Rich Carlson

Rich Rudin

Rick Shryock

Ron Kerber

Stacy McMichael

Stan Slotter

Steve Beskrone

Steve Moise

Tom Lawton

Walt Blauvelt

David "Bopdrummer" Yager - Percussion

"DBop" started banging pots and pans before he could talk, and he hasn't stopped... that was in New York (the Bronx, thanks) -- actual percussion studies began after the family moved to New Jersey several years later, and continued during college in Philadelphia, with Armand Santarelli.  Most of his early professional work was "underground" rock, but from parade marches to orchestral tympani, with some latin, rock'n'roll, country western and a wee bit of tabla too, he has tried it all.  And still he keeps coming back to jazz: swing, jive, and of course pre-bop, be-bop, and post-bop!  So, joining up with Andrea Carlson in early 2013 was a dream come true, an opportunity to play swing-centric music with many influences, in many settings, including shows in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico - and Scotland, England, France, and Ireland!

Oh yes, about the pots and pans... DBop loves to cook, too!

Mac Given - Clarinet

Mac Given’s musical journey began in elementary school when he had to choose an instrument.  He went with the clarinet, primarily because he was intrigued with all of the levers and buttons, but ultimately became disillusioned because the clarinet wasn’t “cool” enough.  When he lived in Mount Airy, Philadelphia, he discovered, at weekly neighborhood potlucks, his ability to improvise.  And a few years later, he rediscovered and honed this skill while on academic sabbatical leave, in the restaurants and night clubs of Guatemala.  Mac lived in Media, PA and regularly performed with Andrea Carlson and the Love Police, Square Wheels (a duo with Wayne G. Harvey), and Bill Messenger.  The clarinet has become “way cool”, and Mac once told me he was on the verge of understanding what all of those levers and buttons actually do!

David Turanski - Double Bass

David Turanski was born in Philadelphia and started violin instruction at age four until his teacher suggested he try a different instrument. A few years and many piano lessons later, he started playing guitar and later went on to serious study.  Then one day, at a bluegrass jam in Dallas TX, he picked up an upright bass. He took to it immediately and finally started getting some gigs. Soon after, he could be seen hanging around Dallas Blues clubs playing electric bass. Over the years David has performed with many bands, laying down the groove in a variety of styles including Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Traditional, Irish, Classic Rock, Jazz, Swing, and Gypsy Jazz. Since returning to Philadelphia in 2001 David's main focus has been Swing, Jazz and Gypsy Jazz. He performs with Andrea Carlson and the Love Police, as well as with Art Fischman, Djangoholics Anonymous, and Crystle Combo. 

coming soon:

Aimez-vous bien ! 

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