A Trail of Two Cities - Un sentier de deux villes !

14 Avril: Tennessee comes to Tennessee... do I hear a waltz? 

Tonight I play at Tennessee - Paris, a wonderful live music club!I was there a few years ago, previous owner called it the Tennessee Jazz Bar - and it is still just as sweetGetting ready to play... will they understand what I am saying?Ok, going up now... what shall I sing first?  La Vie en Rose?Oh my, it's a full house, Rachael is soloing on flute... and they're singing along!  Then clapping along, to
Mysterious Moon and Tennessee Waltz!  I am so happy, so lucky!Thank you! Merci Beaucoup ! What a fabulous evening!  The owner comes downstairs,
we have a lovely chat. Everyone is so nice, and it's over already, sigh.I'll be back someday. We'll be back, I know it!

11 April: We're heading to the Porcupine 

Duncan Hemstock is the brilliant clarinetist we played with a few years ago, at the Cellar Door, Covent Garden.
Eleazar Ruiz was the bassist there; he was our host in London, and traveled to Bath for a show there, too!
New deputies Alex Bryson (piano) and Mark Hale (drums) filled out the band...for some concentrated music making, with Nick's experienced hands on the controlsof the mixing console - and the espresso machine!  Delicious, and much appreciated!Eleazar hopped the bus with me, for the ride back to the bed'n'breakfast, viadinner with Rachael. We talked and talked about the intense studio session... 
There's more work to be done, but I can't wait until I can share it with you!

10 April: It's Day Four, and time to get down to business - Rachael goes first! 

As soon as London was on the itinerary, a visit to master flute artisan and historian Robert Bigio was the dream:He was so generous with his time, offering a tour of his amazing workshopWe were in awe! And then he made us lunch, homemade split pea soup at least
five different cheeses (including Stilton) apples, grapes, English tea... before we went on our wayIt's still a bit chilly here, but the skies are beautiful, and the city is amazingWe wound up in Notting Hill, thank you, at Khan's RestaurantCheers!And then it's time to head "home", so much to do tomorrow!

9 Avril: Under the Channel, to blue skies! 

B-b-b-but it's still chi-chilly.Still, who can resist a walk to the river?... and a look at that beautiful bridge, with the blue cables!Then we had a little more time before check-in, so we headed for a museum... 
via a coffee shop (and WiFi!), to get ourselves on the map and transit system. 
Mmmm, not so simple, alas. But eventually, after some interesting neighborhoods and
direction changes, we got there. As we started to feel the effects of so much travel &c., we called an
Uber - and it was just two miles to our accommodations. Settled in, surprise - I'm hungry!
 Well, what do you know? Gluten free fresh fish & chips - and can't you see what's coming?
Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding!  Well, Bessie, you can keep the pig foot and the bottle of beer,
and Nat, the frim fram sauce is all yours - heaven is at Hobson's and it's gluten free!

8 Avril: Que faire quand il pleut à Paris ? What to do when it rains in Paris?  

Aller au musée ! Go to... the Louvre !

Aller au café ! Go to the plainest of street cafés, order gluten-free crêpes - made with buckwheat, fabulous!

Shop in an elegant department store - ah, nap time!

Keep walking!And at the end of the rainy day, in Paris... go to the Sunset Jazz Club
(aller au Sunset/Sunside Jazz Club) for a brilliant gypsy jazz concert!What to do when it rains in Paris? Come back exhilarated and exhausted...
ready to sleep and sleep until, until, until... it's time to wake up - in Paris!